Site Update Guide

How can I update an existing site?

Updating content and details of a site is a simple process however it is a function that is limited to Club Administrators only.

Anyone is able to become a Club Administrator by either joining an existing club, or by creating a new club. If you create a new club, by default, you will be the Club Administrator for that club.

To edit or update a site, when viewing the site, simply hit the "Edit site" button that appears at the top right hand corner of the page.

A page will be presented which allows site information to be updated.

How can I add a new site?

Just as when updating a site, creating new sites is a function only able to be performed by a Club Administrator.

For all Club Administrators the "Add a site" button will appear from the Sites page.

Please provide as much information on new sites as possible and be aware that all new sites must at least have a Take Off Latitude & Longitude.