Palampur: Two foreigners injured in paragliding mishap, rescued

November 5, 2022 en

A British and another foreign national had a close shave, when they lost track of their route and failed to land at the designated landing site near Chogan in Bir. They were rescued by the volunteers of Air Himalayas from Bara Bhangal last evening.

Episode 181- A walk (and fly) down memory lane with Chrigel Maurer

November 4, 2022 en

With the 2023 Red Bull X-Alps quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to sit down with Chrigel "The Eagle" Maurer to take a walk back through his 7 winning campaigns. No one in our sport has been and continues to be more dominant than Chrigel....

GIN G-LITE rescue: elastic degradation (problem during deployment)

November 2, 2022 fr

SAFETY NOTICE: the rupture of the rubber bands closing the inner bag of the G-Lite reserve can cause serious problems during deployment

Vigil for missing paraglider Wednesday evening

November 2, 2022 en

Still no answers Wednesday morning on the whereabouts of Kenny Loudermilk