Triple seven R-Light Size S

May 12, 2021 en

Ok…Let’s begin with: I’m very happy and content to have flown that glider. Bye For the readers who want a swift and direct-to-point conclusion! 😆 Details: The R-Light S is the light version of the Rook 3. The same everything besides the light...

Flymaster GPS LS Review

May 12, 2021 en

Charlie King tries out the Flymaster GPS LS, a light and simple flight instrument for new and intermediate pilots

Apco Vista V: EN B

May 9, 2021 en

The Vista V is Apco's new EN-B cross-country paraglider. It's based on the Vista IV and suitable for newcomers to the B-class

Episode 144- Jeff Longcor and (mostly) Inexpensive Mistakes

May 8, 2021 en

Jeff Longcor has been flying only a few years and has a full time job, which makes getting hours tough, but he's completely enamored with the sport and has been chasing it hard, sometimes too hard. Jeff has made some inexpensive mistakes, and a few...