Distraction as a risk

October 19, 2021 de

The major risks in paragliding include distraction and casual routines. This can happen quickly, especially at the start. Out of routine, forget to properly close a line lock. // Source: JB Chandellier Read more »

Skywalk Arak Air Review (lightweight EN B)

October 15, 2021 en

Charlie King flies Skywalk's new lightweight mid-B multi-tool, a paraglider that will "reward a pilot with safe, fun flights while they explore their limits"

Naked Pilot: Timo Leonetti

October 15, 2021 en

Timo Leonetti is the hot new rocket in cross country flying and has just flown his first 500km flight in Brazil. Elisa Eisenlohr caught up with him

Donini ready to return

October 13, 2021 en

It’s four months since an accident ended his first Red Bull X-Alps. But Nic Donini says he’s already focused on 2023.