Episode 124- Owen Morse, professional juggling (and joggling!), and a new HG World Record

August 2, 2020 en

On June 20th of this year Wills Wing pilot Owen Morse ticked off something he'd been chasing for six years- a new out and back world record. Owen flew an incredible boomer from Walt's Point in the Owens out off the end of the White's- AND BACK,...

Flarm or not Flarm ...?

August 2, 2020 de

... that's obviously a question for some devices with Flarm. A current case shows: Some Flarm identifiers are not transmitted correctly. A Skytraxx 2.1 with activated Flarm, but the Flarm receiver (here: XCTracer Maxx) reports: "No Flarm...

Coupe Icare 2020, 4 days intended only for practitioners

July 30, 2020 fr

The Coupe Icare will be an event reserved for practitioners (paragliding, hang-gliding, paramotor, microlight ...) but families are of course welcome!

Ozone Mojo PWR 2 for free flight and PPG

July 28, 2020 en

The Mojo PWR 2 from Ozone is an EN-A certified, non-reflex wing for free- and powered flight, suitable for students and newly qualified pilots