#214, Galen Kirkpatrick and Creating New Lore

February 23, 2024 en

Galen Kirkpatrick rose from a beginner to the 2023 US National Paragliding Champion in seven years, becoming the first female champion. Her journey from fear of flying to the pinnacle of the sport involved intensive training, overcoming a significant...

Eli Egger's highs & lows

February 15, 2024 en

The first woman to make goal reveals the secret behind her magic move and how she found the time to play cards with her team.

#213 Pierre Carter and Into Thin Air

February 9, 2024 en

South African pilot and adventurer Pierre Carter has been at this game for a very long time, and he hasn't wasted any time chasing thin air dreams. Pierre has been knocking off the world's seven summits for nearly 20 years (some of them several...

#212 The Most Important Flight with Marcus King

January 25, 2024 en

Marcus King has been flying pretty much full time since 1991. He...