The Aussie adrenaline junkies flying off active Russian volcanoes

May 20, 2019 en

Meet the Aussie speed flyer taking wing above steaming volcanic vents.

ADVANCE Easiness 3, lightweight and reversible harness for Hike & Fly

May 20, 2019 fr

The ADVANCE Easiness 3 harness is very light and compact thanks to its gathered look thanks to the waders and the airbag.

Rookie Review

May 20, 2019 en

23 days ahead of the Prologue we checked the status of those new to the madness.

The first hundred

May 18, 2019 de

On May 15, 1929 Robert Kronfeld flew for the first time with a glider over 100 kilometers. The start took place on the rubber rope, the flight along the Teutoburg Forest. Robert Kronfeld with his high-wing glider "Vienna". // Source:...