How to keep cool and calm when your glider collapses

February 19, 2021 en

Bruce Goldsmith on how you can train yourself to react the right way – and not over-react – when you get hit by a collapse

Video: Pierre Bouilloux’s 132km FAI triangle flight in 1993

February 15, 2021 en

A true paragliding pioneer, Supair founder Pierre Bouilloux flew a 132km FAI triangle in the Alps back in 1993. This is the video he made of that flight

Fitting the reserve parachute

February 14, 2021 en

Having correctly connected the reserve parachute, this article outlines the main considerations for correctly fitting it into the harness or reserve outer container, depending on your particular setup.

Connecting the reserve parachute

February 14, 2021 en

The emergency reserve parachute system may be connected to the harness, the main harness/wing connectors—usually involving a reserve outer container—or the tandem spreaders, depending on the particular whole equipment setup. To help correctly connect...