Nova founds the Climb & Fly team

July 14, 2020

As a somewhat more extreme form of hike-and-fly, a new trend is slowly establishing itself: Climb-and-Fly. Nova relies on this with its own pilot team. The ten-member Nova Climb & Fly team (from left to right): Christof Happ, Alexandra Lamprecht, Simon Heinrich, Carla Vivó Soler, Jakob Braun, Jessica Kratz, Fabio Keck, Paul Nagl and Luis Depping. Manuel Ploner is missing from the photo. // Source: Nova The Climb-and-Fly is about completing classic mountain and climbing tours with a paraglider start from unusual places. Nova has recognized this trend and, in addition to its classic XC pilot team, has now set up its own climb-and-fly pilot team - under the name Nova CFT. The young women and crew want to hear and see themselves with touring adventures. The engagement is interesting for Nova because the team can easily put the light mountain doubleskin and the smaller race version Bantam in the picture and market it. In Corona times, when sales of many classic umbrella types were very poor, the unbroken sales of these lightweight umbrellas was a ray of hope for Nova. No wonder that people like to support this trend with radiant faces.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in tedesco.


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