Spedmo Features

  • View and track changes in your fitness over time
  • Synchronise GPS and Video data
  • Social Networking
  • Share and Compare your Activities
  • Activity Management
  • Automatic Calculation
  • Multi-Dimensional Activity View
  • Detailed Statistics

Activity Tracking from your GPS watch or device

Spedmo supports Garmin Communicator which means all Garmin devices are compatible and can be seamlessly used with this website.

Many other brands of GPS devices create a formatted file with a GPX or TCX extension which you can upload to Spedmo. Simply copy your GPX or TCX file from your GPS unit after completing an activity and upload the file.

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Activity Tracking from your Android/Apple Phone

Create GPS activities using your phones GPS receiver and synchronise them with our Online Activity Management interface to get detailed statistics while on the move.

See your speed, elevation, distance and activity path calculated and displayed using Spedmo (Mobile Activity Tracking) which you can freely install on your phone.

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