Pre-flight Checklist

Consider this suggested pre-flight checklist. It is a rough guide of the items that need to be inspected prior to takeoff to insure your safety. Sometimes during the excitement and anticipation of getting in the air we miss the obvious things that are amiss with our equipment. Also don't forget to assess yourself by asking if 'I'm Safe'?


  • Check Current Weather
  • Check Long-range (next few hours) Forecast
  • Check Winds Aloft
  • Check NOTAM's
  • Check Takeoff & Landing direction
  • Check Obstructions (especially power lines)


  • Lay Wing out into wind
  • Check Lines Straight and Clear
  • Check Maillions tight
  • Check Correct Brake Length for gliding/motoring (if adjustable)
  • Check Riser/Line condition

Strap In, Hook Up

  • Check Buckles Secure
  • Check Chest Strap Tight
  • Check Harness Adjusted Properly
  • Check Reserve Attachment
  • Check Reserve Deployment Pin
  • Check Reserve Handle in Sight - Deploy in 3 sec.
  • Check Risers Hooked up Correctly
  • Check Carbiners Locked
  • Check Nothing Loose to get in Prop
  • Check Radio for volume, clearness
  • Check Helmet on, tight, fastened

Motor and/or Harness

  • Check Webbing for stress/fraying
  • Check Prop Guard for alignment/stress/wear
  • Check ALL bolts, especially muffler attachment (or springs)
  • Check ALL fasteners for tightness
  • Check Caribiner condition
  • Check Radio secured
  • Check sufficient fuel
  • Check Throttle routing
  • Check Throttle at carbuerator for sticking BEFORE starting motor!

Run-up and Launch

  • Check Brake Lines/Risers held correctly, no tangles
  • Check Kickbar tucked out of way
  • Check engine runup to correct RPM
  • Check Kill-switch working (briefly push)
  • Check wing is fully inflated and stable before leaving the ground