May 11, 2019

A video documents a lecture by Hannes Papesh on his approach to the evolution of new paragliders. A paraglider in the simulation. // Source: H. Papesh, Youtube Hannes Papesh is considered one of the most experienced paraglider constructors. For a long time he was the creative mind behind Nova, now he is successful with his own brand Phi. Recently, Hannes spent a week traveling the UK to give talks at several paragliding clubs. He presented his methodology in the construction of paragliders. And that is (quite simply said): Take the technical basics of an existing model and mix its "genes" with other ideas - just as it happens in nature during sex. This creates new combinations that are then simulated in the computer. The best solutions are then built and tested as proto. One of these lectures was recorded by Andre Bandarra and posted as a video on Youtube. It provides interesting insights into everything that has to be considered in the design of modern paragliders and how much of this work can now be done virtually in the computer. Incidentally, Hannes Papesh works with self-programmed software. Note: The lecture is in English.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in alemão.


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