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March 15, 2020

Spain has declared a state of emergency to curb corona infections. This includes a ban on all sporting activities, including paragliding. In Spain only the flags flutter, but no paraglider sails. // Source: Pixabay At this time, Spain is a popular travel destination for paragliding tourists. But flying on vacation will no longer be possible there for the time being. Spain has declared a national emergency, with similar restrictive measures to restrict movement as in Italy. The requirements also include a ban on all sporting activities. Violators can be fined. The national emergency initially applies for 15 days, but could also be extended. For Spanish pilots, there is even a second pressure medium to comply with the no-fly specification. The Spanish association Asociación de Vuelo Libre Española (AVLE) has announced that the insurance cover that can be concluded through AVLE is suspended during the national emergency. Any form of air accident is not covered by the insurance during this time. The insurance only comes into force once the emergency has been officially lifted.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in alemão.


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