Safety notice: Aircross U Relax

March 24, 2020

With the Aircross U Relax harness, the nylon wire that closes the reserve compartment may slip. Aircross offers a simple remedy. Aircross or the brand-leading Kontest GmbH issued a safety notice for the U Relax harness after the following was noticeable during rescue training with one of these harnesses: A seam had loosened that holds the nylon wire in place, which acts as a cotter pin for the closure of the outer container serves. As a result, the long plastic split pin was able to shift somewhat, making it difficult to trigger the rescue. Aircross has developed a solution for how the nylon wire can be easily held in place: it is secured against slipping with a crimp eyelet. Kontest GmbH will send all owners of a U Relax such eyelets on request. Alternatively, the rescue handle for installation can be sent to Kontest GmbH. Only with such a modification to the rescue handle can this type of harness be flown again.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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