A simple quick disconnect

May 5, 2020

Anyone flying with Quickout carabiners needs a quick disconnect system for the accelerator. The new "Easy Release" is a simple and effective solution. In the Charly Easy Release quick disconnect system, a metal hook engages around a plastic ring. A pull on the side of the auxiliary line releases the connection. // Source: Finsterwalder-Charly If you want to disconnect the paraglider from the harness when you are saving, the connections of the accelerator rope must also be disconnected immediately. There are always new ideas for this with ring, split pin, loop, magnet and plug-in systems. Finsterwalder Charly has now presented another variant: the Charly Easy Release. The name says it all. The system developed by Thomas Grabner is easy to assemble, and the accelerator can be attached at least as easily and quickly as with classic brummel hooks. The overall height is low, so that no accelerator path is wasted. And the weight of 22 grams does not represent a noticeable disadvantage compared to normal grumble hooks. The Easy Release basically consists only of a plastic ring with a groove into which a metal hook engages as a counterpart. Both are dimensioned so that the hook clamps on the ring in the direction of pull of the accelerator, but also jumps off with a slightly sideways pulling force without any problems. This pulling force is transmitted during the separation process by an additional line that is attached to the harness. To assemble the Easy Release, you have to replace the accelerator rope on the glider and replace the grumble hook on the harness with the corresponding locking hook. The Easy Release is available in the Finsterwalder-Charly shop for EUR 39.70.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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