#FZC (30): Canceled, postponed

May 22, 2020

Corona is losing more and more high-level competitions this year. It hits both the acro, accuracy and race-to-goal competitions. The Acro World Cup has been postponed to 2021 because of the corona pandemic. // Source: FAI CIVL The FAI paraglider section, CIVL, has responded to the need and set up its own website that lists all of the season 1 international and international FAI competitions that have already been canceled or postponed are. Among other things, the Acro World Championship, which was to take place in Italy in August, is now listed there for 2021. The European Paragliding Championship is still "on hold", waiting. Here, the decision is pending whether it can take place, be postponed to a later date in the year, or fail completely or only take place again in 2022. Not only the FAI is affected by the planning difficulties. The Paragliding World Cup has also recently canceled its next event, which was to take place in Gemona, Italy, in early July. It could be made up for in 2021. The risk of the second wave For the organizers of the sports events, Corona is a planning nightmare. The PWC planning team commented in an email: "One of the big problems we are facing now that the lockdown is being rolled back across Europe is the risk of a second wave of infection. This risk if one participant during the competition has Covid- 19 diagnosed and everyone would then have to be quarantined must clearly be avoided. " If this assessment is used as a benchmark, then consistent risk minimization would mean that it will take a long time before paragliding competitions with truly international, ie global, participation can take place again.

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