Video: Theos Wingover-Tutorial

June 11, 2020

Acro world champion Theo de Blic shows in an instructional video how to fly safe wingovers and what subtleties you should pay particular attention to. Acro world champion Theo de Blic explains how to fly wingovers. // Source: Youtube, Theo de Blic Theo de Blic has published several acro tutorials on various maneuvers. Now he has made a film about wingover. The video is aimed less at acro-advanced pilots than at Ottonormal pilots who want to learn the bold curve beyond the canopy. Theo shows in three exercises how to approach wingoving in order to learn the correct time for using weight shifting, the inner brake and, above all, the outer brake. He also explains and demonstrates what can typically go wrong if you miss the timing or do not support the outside brake enough. Theo repeatedly believes that the best way to learn many acro maneuvers is to fly with a simple EN-B glider for your own safety. That is why he is also traveling with a B-screen in the video (Nova Ion 6). The video of the wingover tutorial can be seen on Youtube.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in 독일어.


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