FR record topped

June 11, 2020

Franck Arnaud flew 438 km over the French plain. He even topped the flight of the Belgian Lode Spruyt (423 km). They flew large parts of the route together. Franck Arnaud's route from north to south via France. // Source: XContest Lu-Glidz recently reported new flat country records, leading a 423 km flight by Belgian Lode Spruyt over France. On the same day, however, the Frenchman Franck Arnaud came 15 km further from the same starting point in Jeufosse. His 438 km (see XContest) should be the new French lowland record. Lode and Franck went out together and even flew large parts of the route together - often slightly ahead with Lode. Only shortly before the end Franck Arnaud caught a thermal alone, which gave him one more height for the last time, while Lode could only slide there. A little beard can quickly mean 15 kilometers more with a tailwind.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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