The first 300 from the Stoderzinken

June 14, 2020

Austrian pilots have been dreaming of a 300 km triangular flight from the Stoderzinken for years. Michael Sommerauer has now broken this magical barrier. Michael Sommerauer's 300 route with double crossing of the Alps. // Source: on June 13th. Michael Sommerauer flew a FAI triangle over 302 km from the Stoderzinken in very demanding conditions. The starting point even formed one of the cornerstones of his route, which led him almost to the Gerlos Pass in the west and to Greifenburg in the south. The triangle also required a double crossing of the main Alpine ridge. Not only because of this, the XC scene now pays great respect to Michael. The 300 from Stoder has been one of the great goals of the Austrian XC cracks for years. Several of them came very close to this brand, with several flights over 280 km and with 297 km from Lex Robé as the best attempt before. However, the 300 hunters on the Stoder have so far laid out their typical triangular route so that it remained entirely on the northern side of the Alps. This means that you have to set one of the waypoints far to the north on the edge of the Alps, which is challenging in terms of flight tactics and sometimes has larger construction sites ready for the pilots. Michael Sommerauer now showed that his "new" route choice, which also includes the southern Alps side, is probably the better one. It not only integrates classic race tracks like the Pinzgau. It also offers more options to expand the triangle in the future. It would not be surprising if other pilots soon followed these lines and then maybe even conjured up a 320 or even 340 in the sky.

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