Screen test: UP Kangri

June 27, 2020

The Kangri from UP is the most elongated XC wing in the EN-B class. It not only shines with performance, but also with very attractive handling. The Kangri is the EN-B with the largest aspect ratio in its class (next to the UP Summit 4). // Photos: Lu-Glidz [If you have no experience with the Lu-Glidz test method, you should first read the interpretation guide for umbrella tests!] The impressions of the Kangri from UP described below are all about flying and ground handling under different conditions Eifel and Westerwald won. I flew the Kangri in size S (75-100 kg) with a takeoff weight of around 92 kg. The harness was a Karpofly Extra Light (lying harness). The glider was kindly provided by UP for the test. UP raised the Summit XC series from the C to the B class years ago. Since then it has been there with the characteristic of offering the largest designed and projected aspect ratio in the B-Class. The Kangri has the same parentage, as it is the light version of the Summit XC 4, so to speak. It also has a designed aspect ratio of 6.3 and a projected of 4.8. Such values even exceed many umbrellas from the EN-C category. And in fact, you have to be aware of this, the summits like the Kangri are definitely in the intersection of the B and C class in terms of the demands on the pilots. Anyone who can fly a Kangri would have no problems at all with a moderate C wing. Now one can ask why an EN-B has to be stretched in the first place? Elongated wings bring a performance and sometimes handling gain at the expense of the feeling of compactness. UP designer Franta Pavlousek is known for having a preference for somewhat higher extensions. However, his strategy is not aimed at absolute performance gain. Rather, he says that to a certain extent he reinvests some of the additional power in order to adapt other factors of the screen design so that the behavior of the screen is mitigated to external interference. And indeed, as far as I can tell in advance, the Kangri gives you the feeling in the air that you are not a completely calm, but pleasantly balanced character that conveys a high level of security. Continue reading "

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