The Eiger king and his prince

July 10, 2020

As expected, Chrigel Maurer won the Eiger Tour 2020. Sepp Inniger in second place, however, provides the proof: Switzerland doesn't have to worry about the H&F offspring. "King" Chrigel Maurer and his "Prince" Sepp Inniger dominated the Eigertour 2020. // Source: Eigertour, Facebook What comes after Chrigel Maurer if he should step down as king of the mountain hiking pilots? He is already training possible successors at the Swiss X-Alps Academy. And at the top of the ranking list of potential throne aspirants has become a name: Sepp Inniger. On this year's Eiger Tour, Sepp kept up with Chrigel for a long time, showing the same skills in terms of high alpine take-offs, landings and route selection. In the meantime, he even flew ahead, but then had to pedal a little shorter or slower due to an injury. Nevertheless, he struggled to finish as a deserved "first behind Chrigel". This duel Maurer / Inniger could also be an exciting one for the X-Alps 2021. The Eiger tour continues on Saturday. All other positions in the ranking can be tracked in live tracking. On the Eiger tour, the pilots have to reach a number of mountain huts in the Grindelwald area as turnpoints, running or flying. Since all of this takes place in high alpine terrain, the Eiger tour is one of the most technically demanding hike-and-fly competitions.

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