# 1 31082020 Featuring Júnior CB and Paragliding

September 2, 2020

This is the first episode, intended to introduce the athlete Wanderlei Júnior "CB" and to introduce paragliding for those with less information about the sport so that the contents are accessible in an incremental sequence.
I started flying in 1995, in Governador Valadares-MG, then the world capital of free flight. Speaking English and starting at the sport mecca, I was able to access a lot and form a very broad and solid foundation in my career as a pilot. The nickname CB came from an incident back in 1995 that I had with a storm cloud (called CB - Cummulus Built-in).
The paraglider was born from a vision of the possibility of jumping off slopes and gliding with the old parachutes. This led to a search for the evolution of the parachute's ability to glide and this human restlessness ended up creating new equipment and a new sport, paragliding (a name of French origin that was ported).

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in português.