A French dance of 300s

April 24, 2021

300 FAI triangles are not flown every day. In France, the aviation elite met in St. Hilaire and made almost half a dozen full in one day. 324 km FAI triangle flown by Jonathan Marin. On the day there were four more 300s from the same starting place. // Source: Xcontest.org The FAI triangular world record of 329 km held by Honorin Hamard did not fall. But it wasn't missing that much: At the end of an exciting day (April 23) there were around 324, 319, 317, 306 and 302 km in the online databases - largely flown together by Jonathan Marin, Maxime Pinot, Baptiste Lambert, Martin Rebort and Laurie Genovese. Honorin Hamard also took part in the team flight, but made a mistake after the second turning point and had to dismount there. Laurie Genovese is the first woman to fly a 300 km FAI triangle. And Jonathan Marin even flew his 324 km with an average of just over 30 km / h, calculated over almost 11 hours of flight time. Piloting demanding CCC gliders, there is also an enormous mental achievement behind it. In his detailed flight report on Facebook, Maxime Pinot describes how he lost concentration and how he flew off the planned route. He had to consciously pull himself together in order to take the flight home when the thermal conditions finally weakened. We are sure to hear more from the French XC grandees. They work together on "Projet 350".

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in allemand.


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