PHI Allegro X-Alps 20

June 11, 2021

PHI Allegro X-Alps 20 Phi has released the light version of the original Allegro. It has 2 lines per side rather than 3 lines per side as the original version with a new riser system. launching the X-Alps at 92 all up in 5 km wind is easy to get above without delay. The original version inflates more as a block. Flying the X-Alps in thermals has a different overall feel than the original version. The brake travel is slightly longer and a bit slightly less direct than the normal version. But still, I can say that the Allegro X-Alps is an agile C glider. The brake pressure is slightly lighter than the normal version. Gliding into a moving airmass the X-alps version seems to float well and I think it is better to load it near the top in order to get a more homogenous and efficient gliding property in turbulent air. In turbulent cores, the Allegro X-Alps deliver more feedback than the normal version but could be placed inside the core with the given brake travel. The climb rate is also good as the normal version is weak and strong air. The new risers have a very efficient C control that enables the pilot to control the glider efficiently while on the bar. Ears are big and stable, they reopen with a little help. Conclusion: The Allegro X-Alps is a light C that could be packed small. The overall performance is very good for the category. The handling and feedback require a keen C pilot, but I felt a good passive safety for a C. If loaded the Allegro X-Alps will be more efficient in moving air.


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