XCTracer Maxx vs. Skytraxx 2.1

September 3, 2021

If you are looking for a small and light all-round vario with Flarm function, you usually have to choose: Skytraxx 2.1 or XCTracer Maxx? A detailed comparison. The XCTracer Maxx and the Skytraxx 2.1 in direct form and screen comparison. (Note: The screen film on the 2.1 was applied by me as scratch protection. It darkens the screen a little) // Photo: Lu-Glidz The trend towards light equipment and hike-and-fly has also been around for some time Flight instruments reached. Many pilots today only fly with small beeps as vario, which can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or cable. With apps such as XCTrack, Flyme, XCSoar, Naviter Navigator or Flyskyhigh, the smartphone then takes on all the more complex tasks such as GPS, navigation, map and airspace display, etc. However, there are many pilots who still want their Vario to be used as a " fly-alone "device can be used with display, which then requires an integrated screen. The Skytraxx 2.1 and the XCTracer Maxx have established themselves as particularly popular devices in this category. Both devices are quite similar in terms of size, form factor, weight and the integrated Flarm (collision warning). But there are also differences in concept, equipment, range of applications and price. In the following I describe in great detail where which system can score. Continue reading "

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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