Episode 162- Clemens Ceipek and Flying Gliders, Seeking Understanding, and playing Chess in the Air

January 9, 2022

Clemens Ciepek is an Austrian Sailplane pilot who lives in Boulder, Colorado. He's the president of one of the premiere gliding clubs in the world and runs a website dedicated to spreading knowledge and improving pilot ability called "Chess in the Air" that is filled with fantastic in-depth articles that cover the full gamut of flying. Why do some pilots improve very slowly and others get good really fast? Clemens says it's in the approach. We cover the value of using the Condor flying simulator, studying theory, understanding forecasting as well as many of the topics Clemens tackles on his website: assessing risk, complacency, using the correct bank angle, thermal entry, identifying triggers and convergence, the most common mistakes that end badly, and a ton more.


Gavin McClurg hosts a podcast (The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast) dedicated to free flight where he interviews the best pilots in the world to glean out what makes them great and contributes regularly to magazines like Cross Country and Parapente and many others.

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