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January 25, 2019

Kinga Masztalerz will participate in the X-Alps in 2019. Her hike-and-fly videos show that not only does Kinga fly well, she also has a good cinematic eye. Kinga Masztalerz in the Himalayas. // Source: Youtube, screenshot Kinga Masztalerz did not learn paragliding until 2014, but since then it has become a real obsession. Often she is on adventurous routes in the hike-and-fly style on the road, and solo. She documented some of her trips by video. The films provide imposing pictures from the Himalayas or the Dolomites. In a positive sense, it stands out that Kinga not only attaches importance to great flight scenes. She also has a good feeling that she is in the right place for other recordings that convey the fascination of distant landscapes, countries and cultures - with an equally appealing selection of music. Even if Kinga does not fly and run far forward in the Red Bull X-Alps 2019, where she is one of only two women in the field, it will be worth keeping an eye on her and her films. On Youtube the film "Himalayas my love" has been released by Kinga Masztalerz (aka "Girl gone Wild"). More hike-and-fly videos on Kinga's Youtube channel.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in 독일어.


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