The X-Alps Route 2019 is getting more complex

March 8, 2019

Actually, the new route of the X-Alps should be officially presented next Tuesday. But on the Internet already circulates a graph of the route. Shit happens, also for the otherwise well-functioning marketing department of the Redbull X-Alps. Yesterday she emailed a press release to accredited media. It said in the subject: "The 2019 Route for the world's toughest adventure race has been announced!" Only later in the text there was the actually important note "Under Embargo until 12:00 CET, March 12, 2019". Some receivers have but well overlooked and taken the subject literally: If there is "has been announced", then it was already announced, right? So get out quickly with this info, including graphics ... Although some pages were deleted soon. But many eyes watch over the Internet, and such graphics can also be saved quickly and posted elsewhere. Thus, the information on the route now spread cheerfully in paragliding forums and on Facebook, which is why Lu-Glidz no longer feels bound to the embargo that has become obsolete. (Sorry, you X-Alps organizers. Next time, you're best off writing the retention period prominently in the subject.) The details of the route should not be written here. Only so much: The total length of 1138 kilometers is the same as two years ago. However, the course has become a bit more complex, especially towards the finish. (Graphic:

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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