Screen test: Advance Epsilon 9

March 31, 2019

Advance's Epsilon 9 is a real all-rounder among Mid-B umbrellas. The highlight is its particularly harmonious curve and crank behavior. The Epsilon 9 at launch on the eastern slope of Skopia in Greece. // Photos: Lu-Glidz The following impressions of the Advance Expsilon 9 I have gained in about eight flight and ground handling lessons under different conditions in the Westerwald and in Greece. I flew the Epsilon 9 in size 26 (80-100 kg) with about 92 kg takeoff weight. The harness was a Karpofly Extra Light (lounge harness). The screen was kindly provided to me by Advance for the test. The Epsilon series is one of Advance's most successful. For a long time, the Epsilon was the only Advance model in the B-Class - until the Iota series was launched in the high-B sector. Since then, the question arises where to place the Epsilon series. Rather than low or mid-B? At the transition from Epsilon 8 to Epsilon 9, at least, it is evident from the technical data and details that Advance has turned something on the power screw in the "Nine" and positioned it a bit more athletic. This should also affect the flight feeling (although I have to confess, the Epsilon 8 never flown, so no direct comparisons can draw). Continue reading "

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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