World Champion also wins PWC Super Final

March 31, 2019

Pierre Remy won the 2014 PWC Super Final in Baixo Guandú, Brazil, to finish the 2018 PWC season. Mérylle Delferriere dominated the women's classification. The winners: Pierre Remy and Méryl Delferriere // Source: PWCA The outcome of the PWC Super Final 2018 (held in 2019) was extremely close. After nine flown tasks, Frenchman Pierre Remy (6351) was ahead of compatriot Julien Wirtz (6349) with only two points. Third was the Briton Russel Ogden (6311). For the women the matter was clearer: The Frenchwoman Mérylle Delferriere (6206) distanced the Swiss Yael Margelisch (5967) by more than 200 points. Third was Kari Ellis (5543) from Australia. In the Nations classification, the order of the first five is France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany. The conditions in Brazil had a lot to offer: from slow crafting tasks under dense clouds to full-throttle races, where 100 kilometers with powerful cloud thermics with more than 40 km / h average speed in well under two hours were unwound. Pierre Remy showed his class especially in the better weather second half of the competition and flew there consistently in the top 10 of the individual tasks. That's not surprising. Remy won the Feltre World Championship in 2017. Not to be underestimated is the performance of Méryl Delferriere. Already at the Superfinale 2017 a year ago in Roldanillo she was in 10th place overall. Overall, she came in 7th place this year. In the thermal pulp over the river. // Photo: Yassen Savov The (secret) hopes of some pilots have not been fulfilled that the newly installed in the CCC circus umbrellas UP, Flow and Niviuk called Guru, Spectra and Icepeak Evox stir up the scene and the predominance of Ozone Enzos recognizable could break. In fact, the podiums were completely equipped with pilots who flew an Enzo 3. In the top 20 were 16 Enzos represented, three Boomerang 11 and only one Icepeak Evox in 16th place. Now, something does not mean that the new umbrellas would not be competitive. Much is still dependent on the pilot, and since the world's elite is not so willing to change screen. However, none of the new brand-members could position his umbrella as a must-have. It remains to be seen if this picture will shift during the season. By the way, if you still want to get a taste of the racing spirit of a PWC Super Final, read the daily report from Thursday, 28.3., By Stefan Bernhard on the DHV competition page. He describes very clearly what constitutes the PWC flying. A small excerpt: "These are the moments in which I really enjoy the competition flying To solve tricky problems with the best pilots in the world Each participant in the superfinals must qualify at a World Cup last season and to fly in a World Cup, must So if you're in the middle of the class, you've had to prove your class in abundance before they all look, scan the terrain and pilot, search restlessly, and as soon as anyone finds thermals, the whole swarm moves It almost never lasts longer than a circle until it is centered - all are highly concentrated, distances sometimes less than a meter, but everyone feels at ease because we know about the class of pilots, which hang under the umbrellas. " And for all those who prefer to watch moving pictures, here is a video with the highlights of the last tasks of the Super Final:

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