Bordairrace dreht auf

April 11, 2019

The hike-and-fly racing series Bordairrace continues to enjoy great popularity. Some X-Alps athletes want to use the competition for preparation. // Source: On the night of Friday, April 12th, registration for the first race of this year's Bordairrace series will be released. It is scheduled for 10 to 12 May at the Kampenwand (Chiemsee). Last year, all starting places were already taken after half a day. This shows how attractive this race format of a two-day hike-and-fly is for many pilots. The Bordairrace is about setting a "turning point at the limit". Within 33 hours you have to get away from the starting point as far as possible, but also come back again. As a locomotion only flying and running (including flying equipment) is allowed. The Bordairrace is also attractive for many X-Alps athletes - in preparation for the next Redbull X-Alps, which will start in mid-June. Among other things, since Aschau at the Kampenwand will be one of the turning points of the X-Alps, have already received in advance nine X-Alps participants from the organizers to Thomas Hofbauer a wildcard. These include "big" names like Chrigel Maurer, Paul Guschlbauer, Manuel Nübel, Simon Oberrauner and last year's Bordairrace winner Markus Anders. Further events of the Bordairrace series 2019 are scheduled for the 20th to 22nd of June in the Montafon and for 23rd to 25th of August in Altaussee. This year, the number of participants per competition will be increased up to 80. In the ranking, there will be a fun class for the first time. It applies to pilots who are using EN-A or EN-B class umbrellas. Everything else about the call for tenders and rules can be found on the website of the Bordairrace. Current information can also be found on the Bordairrace Facebook page.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in German.


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