Collector's coin with paraglider

April 22, 2019

The Federal Ministry of Finance has launched a new series of collectors' coins on the subject of "moving air". The first coin appeared in early April. It shows a paraglider motif. Front and back of the collector's coin. // Source: BVA Ten euros is the nominal value of the coin. But unlike the Swiss 50-franc bill, which also adorns a paraglider, the "collector's coin with polymer ring" of the German Bundesbank is unlikely to get into normal circulation. You put such a coin in the coin album or you put perhaps as a decorative piece on the home flight altar (for those pilots for which paragliding is also a substitute for religion). What else should you know? The press release states: "The 10-euro coin consists of two different copper-nickel alloys and a translucent plastic ring, has a mass of 9.8 grams and is produced in the two stamping qualities of die gloss and mirror gloss The value side, which is identical for all coins in the series, was created by the artist Andre Witting from Berlin, whose side shows a paraglider, which stands in the center of the representation and flies in a mountain landscape The freedom and joy of flying in nature are shown to advantage. " The coin in polished quality "Mirror gloss" is limited to 250,000 pieces and was available only on pre-order. The order period expired at the beginning of March. In the quality "Stempelglanz" the circulation amounts to 1.5 million pieces. These coins are available (at slightly different prices) at various online coin shops.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in tedesco.


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