DHV facilitates step drag

May 2, 2019

The step drag increases the chances in the lowlands to enter a thermal. Previously, the pilot was reserved with B-bill. Now stage drag is also allowed with A-bill. A pilot pulls the towing rope behind him in order to be pulled up another step. // Source: Markus Kaup, Youtube, screenshot The DHV has adapted its specifications for winch towing training in Germany. Anyone who wanted to learn the step towing, had previously had a B-slip. Recently, the A-Schein pilot is also open. The DHV has pointed this out in an info to the clubs. As a prerequisite: You have to prove at least already experience from 50 winch towed starts. Then you can supplement his winch to the start type step towing. Within the scope of the training, at least ten stage tow starts, each with at least two stages, must be completed under the guidance of an authorized flight instructor. This is so in the valid since April training and examination regulations of the DHV. In order to be able to offer stage towing in the club, it also needs trained winch drivers. Here, too, there is now a relief. Authorized winch drivers (EWF) with proven step-to-tow training may introduce other winch drivers to the characteristics of this towing technique (see winch rules). Who wants to learn a little more about step dragging, who can watch a well-made explanatory video by Markus Kaup. It is already from 2012, but the basic statements are all still valid.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in 독일어.


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