Risky eyelets on the shoe

May 2, 2019

Hiking boots are popular with pilots. But you should make sure that they have no open eyelets for threading the shoelaces. They are dangerous liners. A leash caught on the shoe can be life-threatening. // Source: Youtube video, screenshot A video on Youtube shows a very curious paraglider incident, which ended only with luck lucky. A pilot catches a big rattle, relieves the lines, and shortly afterwards the pilot finds himself in a very awkward position again. The open eyelets of one of his shoes have caught a leash of the right strap, which is why the leg is pulled upwards. The pilot tries to free himself. But the train on the C-level turns the screen into a strong spiral. After a few anxious seconds, the unlucky man actually succeeds in getting the shoe out of the lines or the leashes out of the eyelets of the shoe. The further derivation is then understandably not exactly elegant. Just above ground, there is a second violent rattle. But in the end the screen flies back to normal. The video is a great opportunity to learn about the mistakes and mishaps of others for their own safety. In this case, the essence of the story is: If you go with hiking boots, then take those that have no open eyelets! In addition, one should not forget that this event was ultimately very, very lucky in the game. Actually, the pilot would have had to pull the rescue early, even if the landing in this hanging position would probably have been anything but body-friendly. However, when the rescuers are open, the screen lines should relax so much that perhaps even a normal landing position would have been possible. Note: The video is not approved for embedding in other sites like Lu-Glidz. Therefore it can only be viewed directly on Youtube.

This article has been translated for your convenience and was originally written in 독일어.


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