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Arrondissement of Saint-Paul, Reunion

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Remember before every flight, check your equipment, reassess the conditions and ask yourself if 'I'm safe'?

René Dekker logged a 12 km flight
C'est en marche! Descendez ici! Gogo Grn checked in
C'est en marche! Descendez ici! Gogo Grn checked in
Julien CT logged a 13 km flight

Required Launch Wind Direction

Take Off

-21.1316, 55.3032 : 770.0 m

Landing Zone

-21.1524, 55.279 : 9.0 m


6:02 AM


7:03 PM

Time Zone

Reunion Time (+0400)

you can fly here all the time during the year.

alti: 770m very good takeoff, big work for the most frequently site on this island. alti: 0m On the beach, near the 'ferme Corail'. from 'Saint Paul' go to the south with the national road n°1. follow the sea until the turtle farm 'ferme Corail', just before 'SAint Leu'. Park your car, the landing area is on the beach. na. na.

Aerology : Please, beware of strong North wind, you would be to leeward of a trees hedge during the first minutes'flight. Indeed watch the sea before taking off to check that there is no wind in St-Leu's bay. Frequently, and it is the danger of this site, everything is quiet at the takeoff and there is a 40 kph wind on the landing ground. In that case, please, land on parapente-Reunion hillside-school. (watch the thorny bushes all around !)

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