Diki Danda

Western Region, Nepal

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Remember before every flight, check your equipment, reassess the conditions and ask yourself if 'I'm safe'?

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X-Country Paragliding-Pokhara, Nepal w/Jules Brown
Jules and I had a 2 hour cross-country flight in Pokhara, Nepal. Photography and Story: http://goo.gl/6GdyMn We took off in Sarangkot and flew over the Seti ...
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Take Off

28.2909, 83.9787 : 1479.0 m


6:51 AM


5:16 PM

Time Zone

Nepal Time (+0545)

Small soaring site which we prefer to fly by going over the back of Sarangkot. It is on the route for many cross country flights to the North at the foot of the Annapurnas.

Small land near the school. Enough for one glider at at time, perhaps two. It can get windy so it can be a bit of a rough take off, but generally easy. Plenty of landing fields in front of the take off, besides the road where you can get a bus ride (or a taxi) back to Pokhara. na. na. na.

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