La Lastra del Cano

Castile and León, Spain

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Remember before every flight, check your equipment, reassess the conditions and ask yourself if 'I'm safe'?

Required Launch Wind Direction

Take Off

40.3433, -5.4353 : 1531.0 m

Landing Zone

40.3319, -5.4495 : 1105.0 m


8:29 AM


6:43 PM

Time Zone

Central European Time (+0100)

This is an epic site. For a time in the 1995 it held a huge number of national distance to goal flights (after a goal of 170km to Arcones in the PWC). The European record has been achieved at this site on 3 occasions. The take off is a grassy slope, in a large clearing in the pine forest which covers most off the hill. There is always a smell of wild Lavender and thyme, and the view out front toward the Gredos mountains and the river Tormes below are fantastic. On a day when we fly here it means that the wind is too strong from the south for the anabatic wind to come up the Peña Negra launch (on unstable days, southerly winds of more than 20km/hr can be stopped by the valley breeze at Peña Negra). Unless you get away early, the conditions can become too strong to take off. During the evening conditions usually lighten and provide excellent smooth ridge lift, occasionally with usable wave from the Gredos in front. The face of the hill is steep, and has many granite fingers and ledges where the Griffon Vultures nest. When we fly here there are always vultures to accompany us.

Statistics * Altitude: 1.625 metres (5281 feet) ASL * Top to Bottom height: 500 metres (1625 feet) * Orientation : S and W Lastra is a spine backed ridge, so it is easy to go over the back and land on the main N-110 highway where there are plenty of large easy fields. Normally on an evening flight we will all ¨go over the back¨ and try to get to as close to Piedrahita as possible along the main road. In front of the hill the fields are generally smaller fields and though they are generally easy for a paragliders, they can cause some stress for hang glider pilots. From in front of the bar of the village of Lastra del Cano there is a forestry track. After 400m there is a gate, which maybe closed by the people in the fire watchtower. The principal (S) take off is about 4km along the track. There is also a good west face below the Watchtower(W), the but presence of Black Vultures prevents its use during much of the season. Restricted flying untill August due to nesting black vultures. Restricted flying untill August due to nesting black vultures.

On any good day with light winds the wind will also come on at Peña Negra (Piedrahita), If it is a south windday the anabatic wind can get very strong early on.

14 km
14 km
14 km
14 km
25 km


N 0 0
NNE 0 0
NE 0 0
ENE 0 0
E 0 0
ESE 0 0
SE 0 5
SSE 0 5
S 10 0
SSW 10 0
SW 10 0
WSW 0 5
W 0 5
WNW 0 0
NW 0 0
NNW 0 0